Welcome to The Ballan Yoga and Pilates Community (The BYPC).
A community driven, safe space committed to bringing the love of movement and fitness through health and wellness activities; including yoga, pilates, barre classes and sound bowl journeys. Suitable for all levels of fitness, and adapts to your needs.
Our approach is fun and inclusive. We all look forward to welcoming you into our humble studio. 



"I've been a lover of Yoga & Pilates for over twenty years. My first experience of Pilates was Mari Windsor Pilates VHS tapes!

Yoga was always something that seemed out of reach and scary to me in my twenties, but after intense training as a rock climber (in another life), I discovered Yoga as a way to recover from injury and reset my body.
The long stretches of Yin were so powerful for me at the time. I still regularly practice various types of Yoga and Pilates, and as I get older I've learnt to appreciate that there are so many different varieties to choose from - my back injuries and mental well-being have always benefitted. 

My drive to become a Yoga & Pilates instructor came from my desire to bring all the local talent of the Moorabool Shire to one central location & share my love of the practice with others . Now that I'm certified, I hope to share my passion with others in Ballan and beyond."

Brydie is a yoga, movement & healing sound facilitator with over 15 years experience in teaching movement and dance.
She's been practicing yoga for 10 years and has a passion in sharing & providing a safe space for people to delve into a meditative state through Yoga, Movement & Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls. Brydie loves both the physical and spiritual side to yoga & feels inspired about the ancient philosophy & teachings of yoga on & off the mat in her life.
Brydie’s teaching style likes focus on the union between movement and breath through playful Vinyasa yoga sequencing. Holding the space for others to release & encourage a sense of self inquiry amongst an inclusive community environment is what makes Brydie’s heart sing! She has been teaching movement/structured dance styles for many years and due to this experience she has a love for alignment within the postures and teaches the physical and spiritual benefits of this ancient practice in a relatable and practical way.
Brydie teaches vinyasa yoga, restorative yoga, yin yoga, pranayama (breathing techniques), womb yoga, Mums & Bubs yoga, and is always attending trainings and workshops to learn as many new skills as possible! Brydie believes yoga is accessible to everybody and feels that the practice brings us a sense of connectedness to ourselves and the world around us.
Brydie runs yoga classes in-studio.
“Yoga has been a life long passion of mine. The journey of yoga discovery continued for me with the completion of my first yoga teacher training in 2019.When I adopted a regular yoga practice, my body, mind and spirit have benefited. Slowing down the mind and allowing space to go within can be very restorative. Allowing time for yoga can assist with reviving your body and can also lead to a more restful and peaceful night’s sleep.My love for yoga also involves how inclusive it is, being available for all bodies through all stages of life. Modifications and props can be used to derive benefit of the poses for your individual and unique body. My teaching style is adaptive and I currently work with children, teens, tweens and adults. I teach yin, restorative and slow flow yoga.When I’m not teaching yoga you can find me cooking up and storm for friends and family, walking around Ballan and discovering new pubs and café’s in the beautiful Moorabool Shire and beyond."Tracey runs yoga and barre classes in-studio. 
Kira loves to move, and barely ever sits still. A hairdresser in the daytime and a Yogi by night, she is always moving and loves it!Meditation helps her find stillness, in the mind and in the body; and she loves a Vinyasa just as much as a Nidra session.Balance is the essence of life. Her classes are always a journey of breath, meditation and movement. Kira lives near Ballan, and owns her own Yoga studio in Melbourne's Reservoir, so she knows a thing or two about studio life. Kira runs yoga and pilates classes in studio.
KYLIE GIRDLERFITNESS INSTRUCTOR@mintfitnessstudioKylie is an experienced pilates and group exercise instructor who owns her own business, Mint Fitness Studio in Bacchus Marsh. While working as an instructor for over seven years, Kylie took the leap in 2022 to open an off-grid, purpose built studio to continue her work in fitness and well-being. Kylie empowers people to live their best life, and to use exercise to improve both their physical and mental well-being. She believes strongly in community, belonging and fun which are core pillars of the Ballan Yoga and Pilates Studio. You will find Kylie running pilates classes at BYP, and possibly other classes in future! 

Fiona Ross is an award-winning Scottish singer, Deep Coaching & Sound Practitioner and InterPlay / VocalPlay Leader. As a singer, music & sound have always been key in Fiona’s life. The sound journeys she creates centre on her stunning collection of alchemy crystal singing bowls, which she combines with voice, drums, chimes and other instruments from around the world. Fiona is a certified member of the International Institute of Complementary Therapists. She is currently pursuing further training in sound healing to enhance the therapeutic dimension of the sound experiences she facilitates. Unwind and reconnect heart, mind and body as you bathe in the pure, vibrational sounds of the alchemy crystal singing bowls.

Fiona does her Sound Bowl Sessions in-studio ~once a month. 



My name is Gina and love teaching Zumba. I’m a mum and wife with a full-time job, but this is my outlet, Zumba.My background is Chilean/Australian and feel proud to be able to embrace two cultures.I fell in love with this program just after I had my second child. I found a class in Hillside and joined a lovely group who had the same passion. I then moved to Bacchus Marsh where I also attended classes with an amazing local instructor. Not long after I joined, the instructor decided to move on and that’s when I decided to become an instructor. That was 10 years ago.I love meeting new people but I also have members who I call friends who have been with me from day one. It’s a family who share the love of dancing, laughing, smiling and supporting each other.Zumba is a Latin inspired dance workout catered for all fitness levels. You do the class at your own pace. Music was always part of my upbringing and now I get to share the love of working out to amazing music with you.My Zumba motto is “Ditch the Workout, Join the Party”



Travis is a yoga instructor based in Daylesford and Hepburn that doesn't take life too seriously. He wants you to enjoy and get the most out of his classes with a smile on your face. He does traditional yoga classes and more modern fun-loving yoga classes with a twist. He incorporates Mindfulness and breathwork and mediation in his classes. Travis hopes to give you a unique yoga experience during your time @ballanyogapilates studio.